Shining Eyes

It's been while I didn't posting FOTD. My FOTD dedicated to my best friend who has a trouble with eye makeup for glasses then I gave an advice that she should use bright colors and shimmering eye shadow in lower lash line. 

face :
- L'oreal White Perfect moisturizer
- La Tulipe Cover Foundation in Sunta
- PAC Cream Foundation No.2 (for under eye)
-PAC Cream Foundation No.10 (for contouring nose and cheek)
- Marcks' Venus Loose Powder in Natural Beige
- Sari Ayu Blush in Rimba Sumatra Beauty Kit

- EOS lipbalm in Summer Fruit
- PAC Lip Palette in Coco Bunch

eyes :
- La Tulipe eye shadow base
- Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette
- La Tulipe eye liner pencil in Black
- Maybelline Volum Express mascara

Today is special day because my dearest mother birthday!! yay!! 

yummy cake :)

and here's my expression during makeup LOL :p

Thanks for reading
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locke said...

love your make up! oh and happy birthday to your mom =)


You look so pretty! i love the colors of your makeup, looks so soft. Great work! ;-)

Fifi said...

So pretty! I love your nose, hehe. Cantik :D

Happy birthday to your mommy ya. Yumm.. kayaknya enak tuh cake-nya :D

hanna anindhita said...

Nisaa shading ny kereenn, gw juga pake PAC itu buat shading... Emang bags sih cum a kadang terlalu orange kalo buat di dung gw

PinkOrchids said...

So so pretty!! I love this make-up look! I never wear bright eyeshadows for my lower lash line, but it looks amazing on you, i'll definitely try it out!! Thanks for sharing! xX

Izzy said...

Wow fab blog! Following! Follow back :)? Love this post :D

nisa-chan said...
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nisa-chan said...

Thank u ladies ^__^

@ Hanna : iya emg PAC no.10 juaranya shading deh hehe pakenya dikit aja trus dibaur pake tangan, klo udh diset powder tambahin eye shadow warna coklat tua tipis jd lbh keliatan natural :)

@ PinkOrchids : glad you love it :)

@Izzy : I already follow your blog sweetie :)

Izzy said...

Thank you for the comment back :) and whoops sorry I was just looking at the comments!!

Story Of Duezuk Chavenkov said...

thank you dear, walopun tetep cakepan elu (karena gw makenya berantakan) tapi gw akuin mata gw jadi menonjol dibalik kacamata kuda gw hahhahahahahhahahahha... good job....

nisa-chan said...

ur welcome dear ;)
ayo donk upload hasilnyaaaaa

sugar sugar said...

the cake looks sooooo yummy!!! pretty eyemakeup! luvin' the soft colors with a pop effect. :)

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