REVIEW : Victoria's Secret - Sexy Little Things Noir Tease

05 August 2011

I'm interested to buy Eau De Parfum (EDP) Victoria's Secret - Sexy Little Things Noir Tease because the bottle is classic, adorable, and girlie. I love the pump, it just makes it so much fun! The packaging is sexy and something that I could imagine taking a space on the dresser of Dita Von Teese,LOL. So cute! It makes me feel sexy just putting on it!

Besides the bottle is cute, I like the fragrance. This fragrance smells great! It's fruity but not too sweet and the vanilla adds a bit of warmth. Compositions of Tease is based on black vanilla, frozen pear, and blooming gardenia. 


The fragrance can be purchased in a glass flacon as 50ml EDP, decorated with lace pattern and pink atomizer.


I believe that Eau De Parfum (EDP) has a long lasting scents than Eau De Toilette (EDT) but Noir Tease has a poor staying powet scent!! but still I liked this perfume because the smells is delicious. 

Pros :
- The packaging is adorable
- Lovely scent
- Affordable price

Cons :
- Horrible staying power

My rate is about 3.5 of 5

So what's your favorite perfume? :)


  1. Cute packaging indeed :D

  2. I have lots of VS scents and yeah they don't stay

  3. the bottle is so cute! :) my all time favorite perfumes are D&G light blue and bvlgari petits et mamans. ^_^

  4. The packaging is indeed so adorable~

  5. The bottle is so cute~! Thanks for visiting my blog :D

  6. Thanks for following! :)

    Love the packaging on this but too bad about that staying power. :\

  7. Aww thanks for following! I'm following back! ^_^

    I <3 VS scents. They all smell really good. I really like the Beauty Rush scents the most. They always smell like candy haha.
    I think my favorite perfume is actually a body mist called Fiji from Bath&Body Works. The smell of passion fruit really wakes me up.

  8. AAaaaaww..
    lucu banget ih, ada black lace nya :)

  9. Love the pink atomizer! The packaging reminds me of Burlesque movie.. ^^

  10. Hi, do you know who this girl is?

    I found her on your tumblr and think she is SO beautiful, but I have no idea who she is!

  11. omg the packaging is so adorable!!! I love the pump pump concept ^^

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  13. Thanks for the follow and comment. Am following you back!

    Cute perfume packaging! I especially love perfumes with atomizers.

  14. Bulgari rose is my all time favourire!
    This vs packaging is uber cute :)

  15. Love the bottle!!! But my fav perfume from VS is 'sexy little things noir' check that out.

    I tag you to do this beauty tag, I hope you don't mind :) I really love to hear your answers

  16. i luv the packaging~~~it is soooo cute~~~and i like the scent too...but they are bit too over whelming for me


  17. That's a gorgeous packaging! I am currently using Paris Hilton Just Me. I just love the sweet feminine scent. :)

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  19. how are you? sorry for being MIA- been really busy.
    you perfume is so cuute, hope i can try that.. i love cute packaging/bottles! miss your blog!

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