Sponsor Review : Garnier Light Peel-off Mask

Thanks to Garnier for sending Light Peel-off Mask. Instead, I gave a review about that. Light Peel-off Mask is a mask that doesn't need to be mixed with water. Gel-like texture will dry within 15 minute. Garnier mask contains lemon extract and vitamin C. Light Pell-off Mask promises to remove impurities and dead skin cells that make skin look dull. This mask also promising face feel softer, brighter, cleaner and fresher.

The package from Garnier is very HUGE!! it contains 1 sachet mask (for two time usage), pillow shoulder, and headbands. I only got 1 sachet (two time usage) so, this review isn't maximal for me :(

the HUGE package!!

Light Peel-off mask has a sticky texture (gel). I think the way to use this mask is a bit troublesome because the texture is very sticky and should be apply evenly to the entire face.This mask has scented of lemon are felt and strong. 

very sticky texture!!

me wearing Light Peel-off mask + shoulder pillow + headbands :)

The fun part!!after 15 minutes (until the gel dry) remove the mask slowly 

the mask that has been dried and removed from my face

After using this mask, my face felt softer and fresher. The lemon scent of this mask was also still being felt on my face. Unfortunately, an hour later my face get oily. Maybe my skin is not suitable to wear this mask. 

me after using Garnier Light Peel-off Mask

Garnier Light Peel-off Mask comes in sachet packaging at an affrodable price Rp 11.800 for two time usage. Can be found at all Supermarket in Indonesia :)

Sponsor Review : Garnier Light Peel-off Mask Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: nisa


Sarah S. said...

Sounds too gentle for me, too. Did you cut your hair, Nisa? It looks really cute!

sahar awan said...

sounds good...will try

Nancy said...

Wow that is so cool. It just peels off! You are so cute :)

aMz88 said...

i used this and i thought it was an "ok" product for the price, but not a great product hehe
if i need some lemon ill use this i think but i wont repurchase ^^

Pinkbuble said...

Nisa, Ini masker nya untuk kulit tipe apa ya?

Justine Chantelle said...

nice blog.


nisa said...

@ elrica : kayanya utk kulit kering deh cz aku pake ini jd oily bgt (kulitku oily)

Popblush said...

Love the neck pillow and head band!

sugar sugar said...

thanks for this review! i need a neck pillow too! LOL! :)

Rene, Gucci's mom said...

Following you sweetie! Hope you can follow me back! =) Cya!

Melody Foong said...

YOur blog is so nice, love the pillow..hehe
visit my blog too~

Okinice Meyer said...

Hi dear.. Your blog is so sweet! ;) Lovin' it!
#JustAsking Have you ever reviewed Clarins anyway?
Coz I also found many beauty blogs in here: http://facebook.com/ClarinsIndonesia


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