My Project #2 #3 #4 (Make-up Job)

Hello everyone ~

How are you? It's been a long time I didn't update my blog :( I can't update blog because I was busy very very busy working at office from Monday to Friday and on weekend (Saturday and Sunday) I work freelance as a makeup artist ^___^ 

I'm very happy working as makeup artist because make-up is my hobby and I'm getting to learn more about make-up and hair style. Here's my creations...

#1 Asthi

#2 Rachel (love her eyes!)

# The Bridesmaid

What do you think? Well, I need more practice :)

FYI, this december I must overtime at office (on saturday and monday!!!!) >___<  so I'm sorry for late review product but whenever possible I'll quickly update blog. Anyway, thank you for my local readers who have participated in my giveaway that sponsored by Pond's. I'll announce the winner in two days later. Please be patient hehe ^___^

Have a nice Sunday, Pretties!! :*

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Chino-chan ♥ said...

:D You did a great job, Nisa ^^ I think there always be a first time for everything.. but it's really good to get an opportunity like this :)Practices makes perfect..

I like the #1 hairstyle..:)

Myrted said...

You've made a wonderful job nisa! Keep up the good work dear. You've turned them extra beautiful on a very special occassion. :)


benish said...

you are so talented:)they all look so pretty.i like your hair style.

stella lee said...

cieeee nisa udah dapet job aja nih ya! aku belon berani terima bayaran dari mekap habis gak jago2 amat sii XD

Nancy said...

They all look beautiful!
It is so great to see you blogging again!
I hope you are taking care of yourself since you are working so hard.

White Lotus : Beauty on Budget said...

great job.... keep up the good work darla :)

Sarah S. said...

Excellent work!

sugar sugar said...

they all look great! :) amazing job nisachan! :D

rana musika said...

great job!

I love before and after one, it looks distinctive

mind to teach me? :p

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