Sponsor Review : Fall Winter Romance 2011 From L'Oreal Paris

23 October 2011

I'm very happy because I get a series of make-up product Fall Winter Romance 2011 from L'Oreal Paris!! Fall Winter Romance series consist of 5 new products which is also the recommendation from Adi Adrian as L'Oreal Paris official make-up artist. 5 products Fall Winter Romance 2011 :

Curl Impact  Collagen Mascara

Super Liner 24Hr Gel Liner

Open Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Quad

Base Magique Smoothing Velvet Primer

Color Riche

Fall Winter Romance 2011 that I got from L'Oreal Paris :

I don't get the Super Liner 24Hr Gel Liner but that's ok because L'Oreal has kindly given the latest collection for me :)

Curl Impact Collagen Mascara

I really like the packaging of this mascara because it's very elegant. This my new HG mascara! This mascara is able to thicken every strand of my eyelashes and also didn't smudged and clumping. 

In addition to thicken and curl eyelashes, this mascara can last up to 12 hours! I've proved it! I like it most of this mascara is easy to clean only need one swipe :) Price IDR 129.000

Open Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Quad

Open Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Quad is first wet process from L'Oreal Paris. By adding a little water, the texture will become softer and stick. I got purple color from Open Eyes Pro Eyeshadow, yay! The colors are very soft and it can be for daily use. The eyeshadow has a shimmery texture but not too excessive :) Price IDR 179.000


Base Magique Smoothing Velvet Primer

From 2 month ago I really wanted to try this primer, luckily, I get it for free (thanks L'Oreal!) This primer make a foundation can lasting longer in our face and can also disguise pores perfectly. This primer has a velvety texture and luxurious mousse rosy impression of a bright shade for blush. 

After using this primer, my skin became very smooth and at all and so easy to wear foundation. I highly recommend this primer for you all because is very satisfaying. Use before using foundation. Price IDR 149.000

Color Riche

I got Color Riche lipstick in #640 Pink Fever which is light pink. The color is very similiar to the NYX round lipstick Tea Rose. I really love this lipstick because the tezture is soft and creamy, able to maintain lip moisture.


The color is pigmented. Color Riche is enriched with omega-3 oils and vitamin E to prevent the lips from dryness. Price IDR 99.000

I made FOTD using Fall Winter Romance 2011, please ignore my pimples >__<

Overall, I'm satisfied with the Fall Winter Romance 2011 from L'Oreal Paris :)
My favorite : Base Magique Smoothing Velvet Primer and Curl Impact Collagen Mascara!!

me and Fall Winter Romance 2011 from L'Oreal Paris

Thank you L'Oreal!!

Good Night :)

FOTD : Royal Rich Blue

15 October 2011

I really love weekend!! because I could relax at home, in Bahasa called "leyeh-leyeh" LOL. Today I want to watch The Smurfs movie at the cinema but for some reason I can't go then I watched that movie at my sister's house. The Smurfs movie is very funny and very entertaining! me liley :) 

taken from here

So today my FOTD inspired by The Smurfs!! Actually, I don't really like blue eye shadow color but I was seeing SMURFS and they look cute that makes me love blue eye shadow color :)

Face :
- Olay natural white moisturizer
- MUFE HD Elixir
- Lancome Teint Miracle foundation O-04
- Maybelline age rewind concealer
- Revlon Microfine loose powder
- Sleek blush in Flamingo

Lips :
- EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit
- MAC creamsheen in Cream Cup
- NYX Megashine lip gloss in Sugar Pie

Eyes :
- Revlon Illuminance creme shadow 
- CS 88 palette : blue, dark blue, black, off white
- My Darling liquid eye liner
- Maybelline Magnum mascara

please ignore my bad hair day :|

Random story :

Almost 3 weeks I became an employee in the office. I work from monday to friday. I really like my new job but sadly I can't update my blog frequently. So I love weekends because I can update my blog :) I apologize if I'm late make a review product and I was unable to attend the launching event on week day, like friday ago I'm not attending for LancĂ´me event :( I wish the launching event can be held on weekends.

I'm not attending this event :(

But don't worry I'll promise to review products like Ponds and L'oreal as soon as possible :)



Thank you for reading and have a nice weekends pretties :)

Tutorial : Easy Dark Smokey Eyes

11 October 2011

I made this tutorial as requested by my lovely reader, Maya and my best friend, Diyah. My best friend say that I rarely use a dark color eye shadow, she's bored of seeing me using bright eye shadow color. Back to the tutorial, this time I using NYX Smokey Eye palette. and only use four color! Color that I used :

You would shocked because this tutorial is easy. Enjoy :)

1. Prime your eyelid, I'm using UDPP. If you don't have a eye primer, you can use a little bit of foundation on your eyelid for the color of eye shadow is more visible and durable 

2. Apply soft brown color (a) on eyelid

3. Apply dark brown (b) along your lashline to your eye fold and blend it

4. Apply black color eye shadow (c) on outer V

5. Apply shimery white eye shadow (d) on your brow bone

6. Apply black and dark brown eye shadow on lower lashline

7. Line your upper lashline with your favorite eyeliner, I'm using My Darling liquid eyeliner :)

8. Curl your lashes and add mascara, you can use a falsies

The final look :

I made a funny pose :p

Hope you like this tutorial...

Good Night!!

Beauty Tag + 7 Facts About Me (Blogger Award)

05 October 2011

Thanks to Vixen Lady for tagging me. Here's my answer : 


  • Blush or Bronzer? Blush! I love my cheek look blushing
  • Lip gloss or Lipstick? Lipstick makes my lips didn't look pale :p
  • Eyeliner or Mascara? Eyeliner makes my eyes looks more defined
  • Foundation or Concealer? Foundation
  • Neutral or Color Eye Shadow? Depending on situation, for daily look I choose neutral color but for party, I choose color eye shadow :)
  • Pressed or Loose Eye Shadow? Pressed. I never wear loose eye shadow
  • Brushes or Sponges? of course brushes!

  • Long or Short? Short
  • Acrylic or Natural? Natural
  • Brights or Darks? Brights, makes my nails look sweet :p
  • Flower or no flower? No flower

  • Perfume or Body splash? Perfume!! I love perfume!!
  • Lotion or Body Butter? Lotion. Body butter makes my body skin becomes oily :|
  • Body Wash or Soap? Body wash, more hygienic than soap

  • Jeans or Sweat pants? Jeans
  • Long sleeve or short? Short. Jakarta is very hot city!!!
  • Dresses or Skirt? Dresses
  • Stripes or Plaid? Neither 
  • Flip flops or Sandals? Both :D
  • Scarves or Hats? Scarves
  • Studs or Dangly earrings? Studs, I love simple thing :)
  • Necklaces or Bracelets? Both!! I love accessories
  • Cowboy boots or Riding boots? Maybe riding boots, I don't know :p
  • Jacket or Hoodie? Jacket

  • Curly or Straight? Both, depend on my mood
  • Bun or Ponytail? Ponytail
  • Bobby pins or Butterfly clips? Bobby pins
  • Hair spray or Gel? Hair spray
  • Long or Short? Either :) 
  • Light or Dark? Both
  • Side sweep bangs or Full bangs? Side sweep bangs, full bangs makes my face look like a child
  • Up or Down? Down

  • Rain or Shine? Strange but true, Rain
  • Summer or Winter? Both! I miss winter :(
  • Fall or Spring? I love spring
  • Chocolate or Vanila? Chocolate

Then I got blog award from Chino-chan! thank you dear ;)

The Rules :
  • Worship at the feet (or makeup vanity) of the person who nominated you and link back to her (or his) blog in your post
  • Share 7 facts about your self
  • Pass the award on to 15 bloggers
  • Contact your nominees and let them know you've tagged them

7 Facts about me :

1. Too Long to Response (Lemot)
My family, my friend and especially my boyfriend always say that I'm too long to response! (alias lemot). For the example if my boyfriend telling a story, he had to repeat the story two or three times so I understood what he was told me and so I'm not mistaken what he concludes the story..hahahaha :D

2. Clumsy
I'm super clumsy girl!! I always dropping things that I hold or I like to stumble for no reason :|

3. Worm's Haters
I disgusted with the worms, I don't know why. I can scream a loud if I see worm. eeewwww I hate worm!!

4. Great Curiosity
I like to know what I don't know about anything. So I always ask to my boyfriend until he annoyed of me because it makes him dizzy

5. Baby Lovers
I love the babies!! Especially the fat baby and has a chubby-cheek, I could pinch until the baby was crying :)

6. Commentator
Somehow I always comment on what I saw. All my friends know that I like to comment on something. My comments is good and bad, sometimes too honest and makes someone offended by my comment. Sorry!!

7. Impressionable
I'm impressionable girl, such as advertising on tv, magazine, blog and many more. Or I easily believe what people say so I don't know if he/she is lying or not because I always believe what they say..hahaha stupid me :p

I give this award to :

I love reading their blog :)

Thank you for reading!

REVIEW + FOTD : Purple in My Eyes (MAD Indelible 3 In 1 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner)

01 October 2011

You already know that I'm fan of purple color? I love to wear purple make-up, especially for the eyeliner. I like to wear MAD Indelible 3 In 1 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in "Soul" which is purple color. When I'm lazy to do eye make-up or are in a hurry, I usually only wear this eyeliner. Soul is very deep berry purple color.

This eyeliner promises that has waterproof and long lasting. I try to to test under water and it is true that this eyeliner is waterproof!

Then I smudge with my thumb, it seems that this eyeliner smudge easily but is still fine for me. 

The eyeliner has a great staying power!! I wear from 5 am to 5 pm and the eyeliner is still lasted!! Because it hold up to 12 hours, this eyeliner is not easy to clean. The brush applicator is very small and short (I don't like it) and has a sticky texture, not as usual liquid eyeliner. 

I like this eyeliner because the color is very pigmented so it only needs one swipe :) Overall, I like MAD Indelible 3 In 1 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. 

Pros : 
- Great staying power (12-16 hours)
- Very pigmented
- Waterproof

Cons :
- Sticky
- Small brush applicator
- Not easy to clean
- Hard to get locally

I made a FOTD using this eyeliner, hope you like it :)

Face :
- Olay natural white moisturizer
- Lancome teint miracle foundation O-04
- Revlon microfine l/p
- Sleek flamingo blush

Lips :
- EOS lipbalm in summer fruit
- NYX round lipstick in Tea Rose

Eyes :
- CS 78 Palette
- Sari Ayu Rimba Sumatra Beauty Kit
- MAD liquid eyeliner in Soul
- Maybelline Magnum mascara

I added NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk for waterline though more dramatic look ;)

Happy saturday night!!! ^__^