REVIEW : Jealousness U.S.A cosmetics

09 February 2012

Hello pretties!! How are you? :)

Today I will reviewing about Jealousness U.S.A cosmetics. At first, I didn't know about this brand cosmetics at all. Until I got e-mail from Marimari. The Marimari is the sole importer and distributor couple of cosmetics product from Taiwan and Japan.

One of them is the sole distributor of cosmetics brand named "Jealousness U.S.A" that manufactaring in Taiwan. Jealousness U.S.A now present in Indonesia. For more details, please click here

The Marimari told me to pick some Jealousness U.S.A products for free. So I choose Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (Diamond Black), Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (Night Blue), J-type American Style Lip Gloss (Honey Barbie).

Jealousness U.S.A packaging is cute and very PINK!

Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (Diamond Black)

The black liquid eyeliner with sparkles in it. The aplicator is also very easy to apply into the eye line. The sparkle of eyeliner is clearly visible at night, perfect for the party! But this eyeliner is also suitable for daytime because the sparkle not visible in the morning.

 The eyeliner is very quickly drying, so you don't need wait a long time after use. Price Rp 99.000

Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (Night Blue)

I was a little confused by this eyeliner..because it is written "gel eyeliner" but the shape is pencil...maybe gel eyeliner with pencil shape CMIIW :) This eyeliner is very soft and has a sparkle in it. Unfortunately, didn't lasting longer in my lower lash line and the color is not very pigmented but the color is gorgeous :) 

I'm wearing this eyeliner every day for office look! My eyes look more "pop". Price Rp 125.000

J-Type American Style Lip Gloss - Honey Barbie

This lip gloss is very glossy ang thicky. In packaging, the lip gloss is pink coral color with lots of sparkle but it applied to my lips only look glossy and luster (my lips is pigmented). The smell like bubble gum. Price Rp 105.000

If you want to buy Jealousness U.S.A products, please like Marimari Facebook fanpage and follow Marimari's blog :)


  1. nice stuff! i first heard jealousness from Taiwanese bloggers =) please do a make up tutorial :D

    1. I will ^^
      thank you for reading!!

  2. I love the lipgloss color ^o^

  3. Finally a new post from you! *cubit*
    I seriously don't know how come the pencil eyeliner named as gel liner o__O I think they put the name wrongly?

    But I love the liquid liner! It looks pigmented! :)

  4. Jealousness is a pretty interesting name for cosmetics. :D The gloss looks pretty though.

  5. Thanks for the review nisa :) Soon we will have the store at rakuten, so it would be easier to purchase.

    Other Japanese products soon coming! Check it out yah *wink wink*


  6. oh my gawd!! the packaging is so cute...definitely to die for...I've seen this brand few times in VIVI magz..and they are all so interesting..thanks for sharing..=)

  7. indeed it's cute. I'm interested to the product's name: jealousness

  8. Wow! Ms. Pinky!! ^^ You are more pinkier than me, hahahaha.. Good review! :D

  9. Really cute packaging ^_^